About us

My name is Axel. On this page I will give you some background about ProCrypto and me.

Why did you start a Staking Provider?

I see the progress of the Elrond Network together with the vision. I see a great potential for this network and enjoy supporting this vision. We could have started a validator node for ourselves, but we enjoy participating with others, so we decided to start a staking provider with a great usage for the network and the individuals delegating with us.

What is your background?

I started my first internet company in the year 2000 and since then have led departments and companies focusing on digital based progress. Studying computer science helped me as well as self studies in many other areas to succeed.

Who is on the team?

The ProCrypto team does not only consist of me. I am supported by my AWS community hero and friend, who helps to scale through automatizations. He is not only an expert in software development and agile processes, but also in infrastructure. 

The other part of our team is my Romanian part of the family. They have not only introduced me to the Elrond Network, but helped with many other things to set up this staking provider.

We know each other for many years and have worked on different projects since 2003. This helps us to understand how the other person thinks and to be very productive.

What languages do you speak?

You can contact us in English, German or Romanian language and get a native speaker´s answer in that language. All other languages we would use deeple or translate for. 😉